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air dryer Kaeser mod. TB26

air dryer Kaeser mod. TB26



Compressed air contains water and oil. A refrigeration dryer for air

compressed reduces its temperature before it enters the network

distribution, retaining condensate and other particles that would precipitate in the system.



• The hot compressed air entering the dryer is pre-cooled in the first exchanger of the new KAESER SECOTEC system by the already dried and cold air exiting the machine.

• The same air then passes into the second exchanger of the SECOTEC system where it transfers heat to the refrigerant evaporator reaching the dew point temperature at the existing pressure.

• The SECOTEC system accumulates the cold produced by the refrigeration unit.

• The condensate is separated from the air by means of the separation system installed downstream.

• The now dried and cold compressed air is heated in the initial exchanger and finally exits the machine with very little loss of pressure.


Cooling cycle

• The refrigeration system is hermetically sealed and equipped with service valves.

• The refrigerant gas is sucked by the refrigeration compressor where it is compressed up to the condensation pressure.

• In the air-cooled condenser, of new conception, heat is transferred to the ambient air: in this way the refrigerant gas condenses into liquid which is returned, after the expansion capillary, to the compressed air-refrigerant exchanger.

• The refrigerant vaporizes, taking heat from the compressed air, after which it is sucked and compressed by the refrigeration compressor, and the cycle starts again.

• In the case of partial load, the pressure dew point value is kept constant by the new KAESER SECOTEC accumulator system which, by activating the refrigerant compressor intermittently, guarantees high energy savings.


Separation system

• Multi-stage, maintenance-free, Zentry-Dry separation system in stainless steel with a high degree of separation even in conditions of great flow rate variability.

• The separated water, oil and other particles are extracted by a standard KAESER ECO-Drain electronically level-controlled condensate drain.

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